Microshading in Seattle

If you want microblading, but with a bit more of a bolder eyebrow look, consider microshading. It is a different technique compared to microblading eyebrows in Seattle because it integrates some shading as well along with the microblading that creates a more defined appearance. If you like the look of brows that are drawn with a pencil, you will like this permanent makeup treatment.

What is Microshading in Seattle?

Microshading is a permanent make-up technique that gives clients a soft but defined brow with the appearance of individual hair strokes at the head of the brow. It is similar to microblading but the results are darker and more defined, which many clients prefer. In addition to creating hair-like tattooed strokes in the head of the brow, our artist will also add shading towards the middle and tail of the brow to add a powdered appearance to your brow.

Microshading in Seattle is suitable for most skin types, including more oily skin in some cases. The results can last for 1-2 years. The technique is also suitable for clients with an active lifestyle, large pores, or aged skin.

The powder brows looks great on almost all clients. Our artist makes sure the shape and color of the brows match your features perfectly. The procedure requires two sessions – one for the completion of the treatment, and a second touch up session. You can get a beautiful combination look when this technique is combined with microblading.