Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, your artist will be using a hand tool instead of a machine. The process of implanting color pigment beneath the surface of the skin to produce the appearance of hair strokes.

For the first Microblading session, the entire procedure should take about 3 hours. During this session, the brow technician will shape and style the client’s brows for client approval. We then follow with pigment color selection. Once the client is satisfied with the choices, we begin the procedure.

The pain level for the procedure is considered mild to none. Prior to the procedure your brow technician will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area, and also reapplied during the procedure. Everyone responds differently to anesthetic; depending on the client, the feeling of the procedure has been described as light cat scratches to not feeling anything. Topical anesthetics used may contain lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine.

After the procedure, redness and slight swelling in the area is normal. Clients describe the area feeling similar to a light sunburn. Clients can take Tylenol but not aspirin or ibuprofen.

The eyebrow area will be slightly red after the procedure and the color will appear very dark. This is normal for the procedure and part of the healing process. The color will fade by up to 30-40% as it heals. In the following days, the eyebrows will continue to be dark and you will notice slight scabbing. Do not pick at the scabs as this may damage the skin and the outcome of the microbladed area. The eyebrows will lighten up in color as it heals. No down time is required.The initial healing period is one week. The complete healing process takes between 6-8 weeks. It should not be a problem going to work or doing daily activities immediately after as long as you are following the after care instructions.

During the initial healing process, your skin will begin to flake. Once the flakes have fallen off, a shiny layer of healing skin will completely cover the hair strokes. It may appear as though the tattooed area has completely disappeared. Within 1-2 weeks, the hair strokes will slowly reappear at a lighter shade as your skin regenerates.

It depends on client’s lifestyle, the individual’s skin, activities, etc.  Generally, microbladed brows last for 18 months to 2 years but often clients come in to be touched up as early as one year.

Yes! A touch up session after 4-8 weeks is necessary as everyone heals differently and the outcome will vary. Certain areas may not pick up during the first session and will need to be refilled. Pigment color may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and more strokes can be added. Individuals with oily skin often require a deeper shade during the touch up session as the oils tend to lighten the pigment. Most importantly, your touch up session is when we refine your brows to ensure it looks perfect and retains the color for the whole year!

Touch up sessions should not be done earlier than 4 weeks after initial microblading session as pigment color has not fully settled into the skin. Most importantly, this is to prevent scar damage as the tissue requires time to completely heal.

We take all proper precautions for a safe session by using sterilized equipment, new needles and in a sanitized environment. Should clients follow our pre and post care instructions, there should be minimal risks or complications. Although allergic reactions to the pigments are rare, it could be possible for certain individuals. We suggest a pigment patch test for individuals who have high skin sensitivities or are sensitive to:

  • Topical Makeup Products
  • Gold, Silver, and Nickel
  • Hair Dyes

Patch tests should be performed 5-7 days prior.

Microblading is not suitable for the following candidates:

  • Using Accutane
  • Have heart conditions or using heart medications
  • Have diabetes (will require a physician’s note)
  • Have skin disease or irritations
  • Have had Botox in the last 6 weeks
  • Have gotten a deep tan or chemical peels in the last 2 weeks
  • Allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine or epinephrine
  • Anyone who has any serious medical conditions may require a physician’s note.

Pregnant or nursing clients who want to microblade can be done at your own discretion. We suggest discussing with your doctor first. Microblading is still considered a tattoo, and just like with wine or sushi consumption, it is a personal choice to do so during this period.

As with all cosmetic procedures, individuals should not make their choices lightly. We always recommend clients do their research, understand the procedure and compare different artists’ work and portfolio when making their decisions. Our brow technicians will do their utmost to shape and style the eyebrows to the clients satisfaction prior to the procedure. Every effort will be made to achieve an even appearance, but please realize our faces are never perfectly symmetrical. Uneven appearance can be fixed during the touch up session. Pigment discoloration and color correction can also be fixed during the touch up session. Microbladed brows will eventually fade away if no additional touch ups are done.


Lip blush can last from 2-5 years depending on your skin and health.

Here are some factors that can cause your semi-permanent tattoo to fade faster.

  • Oily skin
  • Iron deficiency
  • Retinol or vitamin C
  • Exfoliants
  • Sun exposure
  • Exposure to salt water

Do not consume alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours prior to your appointment to prevent excessive pain and bleeding.

Do not take Advil or other blood thinners such as Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary 48-72 hrs prior to your procedure.  Extra strength Tyleynol can be taken if you have low pain tolerance.

Do not take or get any chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, vitamin E retinols, fish oil, at least four weeks before your appointment.

Do not get lip injection 4 weeks before and after this treatment.

Touch-ups are recommended for everybody. During the touch-up we can alter the shape and color of your tattoo or go bold or fill-in spots that did not retain pigment as well as others during healing. Touch up will also add longevity to the life of your tattoo a touch up can be booked between 8-10 weeks of your last appointment. Please read the FAQ page to ensure you have waited long enough from laser treatments, filler or Botox to have a touch up done. Touch-ups will be an extra charge and the touch up fee does go up after a period of time after the initial appointment.

If your lips are two toned cool brown, dark looking you will be require a correction.
Please send your close-up photo in natural lighting via email to Mae3jbrows@gmail.com to confirm.

There is an increased chance of getting an infection because the mouth always has bacteria. You need to avoid food and beverages that will irritate it while healing takes place.

Keep your lips moist for a minimum of four or five days after your lip tattoo. It’s good to rinse with antibiotic mouthwash or saline and apply coconut oil.   Clean no less than 2 -3 times per day and especially after eating.

You may wear lipstick, lip gloss, and ChapStick after 10 days. Make sure the tube of lip product is new.

Swelling of your lips is normal after getting a lip blush but if you notice swelling around your neck and cheeks and experience breathing difficulties go to the emergency room right away.

Lip blushing is a form of semi permanent cosmetic tattoo that changes the natural tint of your lips and gives them a boost and a glossy touch. It’s designed to define and outline your lips not to actually make them full.

Yes, however, on the first session we will have to color correct your lips to cancel out the cool tones.  This means the initial color we tattoo must be Orange! if we are to tattoo any other color you risk darkening your lips further or having absolutely no result at all. When healed at  6 weeks most if not all of the darkness in your lips will be covered and your lips will have a nudey-pink even tone. Note that results cannot be guaranteed and lightening or evening out dark lips may take a few sessions.

Avoid and be careful with spicy food or drink after getting your lips done especially anything acidic as it can  begin to break down tattoo ink causing fading. Fading is inevitable  but the better you take care of your tattoo the less it will fade.

Day 1: Cleaning of the lips  every 30 minutes  (with damp cotton pads)

Day 2: Cleaning the lips every 2-3 hour

From Day 3:  Cleaning the lips every 2-3 hours if there is extreme tension or dryness of the lift a very thin film of Vaseline or coconut oil can be applied.

Yes, only 0.5 mm. The skin on the lips is not the same as on the face and things can look unnatural or get unpredictable when the tattoo goes too far outside the natural lipline.



  • You are under 18
  • Have been on Accutane within the past year
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have HIV or Hepatitis or any other infectious or viral disease
  • You are Epileptic
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • You develop of infection easily
  • You are taking medications that may affect how your skin responds to blood clotting and healing

Unfortunately, I do not touch up other artist’s work but can cover previous work done by another artist. You would be a new client.

If your appointment is booked during an outbreak of cold sore on your lips or you have simplex virus herpes. You may awaken an outbreak following this treatment. It is highly recommended to take an antiviral medication such as Zivorax 5 days before then the day of. Then 5 days after or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

Carriers of the herpes virus (if  herpes has already occurred one or more times) can expect a new outbreak about 3- 5 days after pigmentation.  The herpes virus remains on the nerve tracts, even if it cannot be detected in the blood when the nerve receives added the external stimuli (such as a stress, pain), the virus becomes active.

Please read the aftercare and arrange your schedule accordingly to the healing stage there is downtime for every procedure.


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