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Microblading is a popular permanent make-up technique that gives you the appearance of full, defined brows. Our certified and experienced technician will use sterilized hand-tools to carefully tattoo hair-like strokes into your brows. Pigment will be deposited into the dermal layer of your skin, creating an illusion of natural fullness. If you’re looking for the perfect brows in Seattle, we can help.

Why Choose A

Beauty Angels Certified
Microblading Artist

When it comes to permanent makeup in Seattle, WA, a Beauty Angels Certified Artist is your best choice. The company was founded by experienced, knowledgeable microblading artists and has developed techniques that deliver high-quality results consistently.

Our Beauty Angels artists use proprietary techniques, tools, and solutions to create the best Seattle brows. The results are always attractive and last for a long time.

We recommend booking our qualified Beauty Angels artists for brow lamination in Seattle and other forms of permanent makeup.

Training & Experience

About Suwan Brown

Suwan is a hairstylist with over 20 years of professional Cosmetology experience. It’s great fun and a wonderful experience for her. She also enjoys cooking and fruit carving serving the Seattle area. In the back of her mind she  always thought  there is something else out there something MORE for her. She found that in permanent makeup.

She began her permanent makeup journey in 2016 and has fallen in love with the endless possibilities and magical brows she creates with her hands. Continuously learning and perfecting her craft, learning from the world’s best permanent makeup Masters from Branko Babic PhiAcademy: Master Kler Rosenberg. PhiContour: Master Ly White.   Educated in advanced techniques from the Thai masters for PMU. Their training program has sharpened her skill and eyes to the next level.  She is very passionate with what she does and enjoys every moment, every single day with every single client.

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